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  • Briefly About Me

    Darron Copeland is a photographer, digital artist and music blogger that looks to technology to enhance his art. He is a graphic designer and proud “Jersey” boy, currently living in Stamford, CT and servicing clients in the New York City region. Darron has photographed and interviewed some of the biggest artists in Europe’s contemporary music scene, including Bonnie Tyler and Conchita Wurst.



    Dirty Show 20

    A group exhibition of erotic art in Detroit, MI.


    Stitch Fetish 7

    A group exhibition dealing with erotica, fetish, sex, and sexuality in Los Angeles, CA.


    City Lights Gallery

    SameSex explores LGBT themes, same-sex attraction, related feelings. Bridgeport, CT

    Fine Art Print Sales

    Generally the following sizes of photography prints are available for sale:

    • 11 x 14 inches, Editions of 25, signed and numbered on back.
    • 16 x 20 inches, Edition of 15, signed and numbered on back.
    • Silkscreen prints are 11 x 14 inches, Edition size varies, fine art paper, signed and numbered.

    Premium archival Lustre Photo Paper used. Additional larger sizes or prints on metal are available upon request. Note: Does not appy to silkscreen prints.

    For more pricing and other information contact me at or 203-912-4833. You can also make an inquiry using the contact form. Please include a subject to avoid spam flag.

  • My Bio

    The Art of Perfection

    Over the last 5 years, I have truly challenged myself and attempted to understand what it meant to have ‘career fulfillment.’ I had worked nearly 30 years as a tax accountant where I offered technical advice to my clients or the Fortune 100 companies that I was fortunate enough to service. In my field near perfect execution of services was essential for success.

    Yet something was not quite right. In my spare time I was teaching myself to build computers, learning carpentry, and exploring interior and textile design. It was as if there were pools of creativity bottled-up inside of me waiting to be uncorked. And during my enrollment in Hunter College's graphic design program in 2013, I began to fit all the pieces together.

    So in March of 2016, I quit my job at a prestigious investment firm in New York City to start my own graphic design business. And Graphique Couture, LLC was born. The name (Graphique Couture) is a nod to some of the inspirational french artists and designers who did not follow the norm. I have drawn inspiration from fashion designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier, and musical artists like Twin Twin and Mylène Farmer and the great painter Claude Monet; each (in their own way) produced graphic visuals that were unique, a bit quirky and unforgettable.

    And whether I am working with textiles, silkscreen, paint or photography, I leverage my graphic and computer illustration skills to create modern, clean and simple art. I love to create art infused with humor. And living by a new motto that 'perfect is boring' has become the ultimate liberation for me and my art.


    My passion for photography began with an opportunity to cover a major music festival in Europe and provide photojournalism for a UK newspaper. I bought my first Nikon DSLR and shot my first red

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  • Fashion/Music

    "The Battle"
    "Blissful Chaos"
    "Shakesperean Destruction"
    "Dancing in the Rain"


    "2018 Animation Reel"
    "Let's Get Soaking Wet"
    "Whirling Dervishes"
    "The Two Train"
    "The Stall"
    "Stamford 375"
    "2015 Motion Reel"


    "Three Heads"
    "Hotel Dieu"
    "The Medallion"
    "The Suitcase"


    "Interior Remodel"
    "Exterior Window Remodel"
    "Training Studio"
    "Bedroom Remodel"
    "Tesla Model 3 Concept"
    "Attic Studio"
    "Office Remodel"


    "Cock Soup"
    "Homogenized Milk"
    "Top Candy Bar"
    "Pee Cola"
    "Silver Queen"
    "Vergina Beer"


    "The Press Center"
    "The Scream for Liberty"


    "Marbled Orbweaver Spider"
    "Ring-billed Gull"
    "Green Anole"
    "The Welsh Bee"
    "A Flower in the Wrong Place"
    "Fall Glory"

    Textile Art

    "Girl and the Gull"
    "Tarzan 2.0"
    "Beefcake 3"
    "Rear Window"
    "Nerd and the Webcam"
    "Glory Hole"
    "Sonny & Cher"
  • About My Works

    Abour Recent Exhibition

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    New Tecnologies

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    Creative Ideas

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    Photography Continued

    carpet and concert footage in 2013. I found trying to capture that amazing performance moment, while anticipating the next lighting element, intoxicating. And since I travel to many unusual foreign destinations, I love photographing unique architecture and landscapes. My graphic design background trained me to look for simple straightforward photographic compositions. I strive to allow the subject to tell the story without the distraction of a busy background. Shadowy high contrast compositions draw me in whether in black & white or color.

    Digital Art

    When I think of the masters I admire most, Annie Leibovitz is at the top of the list. I am constantly in awe of her sense of composition and color grading. In my opinion, she captures light and mood like no other. Going back in time, I would say it was the masters like Caravaggio and Velázquez that first captured my imagination with the incredible realism their paintings displayed. Apparently the 16th century master, Caravaggio, used modern darkroom techniques to create his masterpieces, more than 200 years before the invention of the camera.

    Like Caravaggio, I am drawn to the intersection of traditional art, photography and technology. I often incorporate pixel manipulation into my photography to add another dimension (time) to the image. 3D software programs like Maya and Cinema 4D allow me to create realistic 3D art and light a composition in the style of Caravaggio.


    No one sets out to design and create an unfortunate brand name for their product. Yet many companies innocently choose a product name without realizing that the name has a double meaning i.e. a “double entendre.” And more often than not, the double entendre results in an unintended sexual message or provocative expression.

    I created a series of illustrations titled “Double Entendre” which depict real product packaging from around the globe. These silkscreen limited edition prints are an attempt to create the modern day “Wacky Packy."