About me

Over the last 4 years, I truly challenged myself and attempted to understand what it meant to have ‘career fulfillment.’  I had worked nearly 27 years as a tax accountant where I offered technical advice to my clients or the Fortune 100 companies that I was fortunate enough to work for.  Yet something was not quite right.  In my spare time I was teaching myself to build computers from scratch, learn carpentry, study interior and textile design.   It was as if there were gallons of creativity bottled-up inside of me waiting to be uncorked.

Well in March of 2016 I quit my job at a prestigious investment and asset management advisor in New York City to start my own graphic design business.  And Graphique Couture, LLC was born.  The name (Graphique Couture) was a nod to some of the inspirational french artists and architects who did not follow the norm. From fashion designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier, and music artists like Twin Twin and Mylène Farmer or the great painter Claude Monet, each, in their own way, produced graphic visuals that were unique, a bit quirky and unforgettable.

So I decided to create a blog that will include some of my favorite design tips, life hacks and lessons, and information about some of my inspirations.  Hopefully it will help you unlock your creativity.

I am currently a freelance graphic designer, live event photographer, VFX editor, music blogger, and business consultant with a focus on media and the arts.